About Actylis

Actylis™ is a leading manufacturer and supplier of critical raw materials and performance ingredients serving the Life Sciences, Specialty Chemicals, and Agriscience industries.

Actylis was created in September 2022 from the merger of eight experienced specialty manufacturing companies and three sourcing firms, integrated into a single entity. The companies forming Actylis include Aceto, A&C, A&C Bio Buffer, Cascade Chemistry, Finar, Interactifs, IsleChem, Pharma Waldhof, Syntor Fine Chemicals, Biotron and Talus.

Our hybrid manufacturing and global sourcing model for ingredients and raw materials delivers the most flexible and reliable solutions for our customers’ unique manufacturing requirements. We offer the flexibility to manufacture or source difficult-to-find ingredients and materials, supported by industry-leading standards of quality documentation and regulatory compliance. If you have concerns over supply chain integrity, time-to-market, or internal capacity constraints that would be served by outsourcing, Actylis’ hybrid manufacturing and sourcing model offers optimal flexibility.